About Us


Everybody dreams of seeing the world. It is this universal aspiration which inspired Bryan Laniog to set up U Travel and Tours. A home-based travel agency. U Travel and Tours offers travel packages to leading local and international destinations. Most importantly it promises a warm, sensory experience to travelers yearning for a taste of adventure and a social escapade. Targeting solo travelers, couples, and families who are optimistic in their outlook and expressive in their attitude, therefore U Travel and Tours will offer discounts to entice them even more.

It’s not going to be too difficult a job for us to woo potential travelers because there is virtually an infinite number of destinations to choose from. One of our goals is to show our travelers fantastic attractions, hence would have them craving for more. Complementing these fabulous attractions is our excellent service. We aim to give our travelers a hassle-free experience, from booking to the actual tour. We want them only to bring home great memories.

Of course, the thrill of discovering new places would be infinitely more enjoyable when you have your loved ones by your side. Therefore U Travel and Tours would be offering special prices for couples and families. It makes us happy to make other people happy. Solo travelers get a special treat, too! Apart from the special prices, they have the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals. Who knows? They might meet their special someone during their travels, too!


We Offer

  • Passport Processing
  • Visa Assistance
  • Domestic and International Ticketing
  • Domestic and International tour packages to Asia, America, Europe, Middle East etc.
  • Hotel Accommodation and Booking
  • Land Travel and Tours
  • 2GO Ticketing